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Cladding offers many benefits to a building. Essentially the process of cladding applied in construction involves applying a piece of material over another in order to allow for an element of control in safely diverting water and wind. Cladding enables control over where water is run-off and it helps prevent water from infiltrating the interior of a building. There are many materials that can be used in cladding, however the benefits of using copper in the cladding process outweigh those of virtually any other material. Copper Works Canada has years of experience cladding buildings for homeowners in Toronto and the GTA. To enhance your Toronto home's value, consider copper cladding with Copper Works Canada.
Benefits of Copper Cladding
Just as in any construction project, using copper for cladding comes with numerous benefits. First of all, homes in Toronto and the GTA are exposed to the extremities of all four Canadian season. Intense heat, harsh rains and wind and heavy snowfalls can wreck havoc on any building's structure. Therefore, investing in the most durable material is wise. Due to its strong properties, copper is able to withstand the worst of any season and will maintain a beautiful appearance all the while. Copper is lightweight, meaning that it is easier for the contractors to install, saving money in labor costs. It is durable and contains natural elements of algaecide and fungicide that break down rusting and blocking components such as moss and leaves.
From Copper to Green
Beyond the practical elements of choosing copper for a cladding project, the material gives off a naturally aesthetically pleasing look that truly enhances the appearance of any building. Copper begins with a natural shine that gradually develops into a beautiful blue-green patina. Beyond the aesthetic value, homeowners can feel comfortable knowing that the copper used for their cladding is 100 percent recyclable and will not clog landfills down the line.
Because copper is slightly more expensive than other materials, people are often surprised to learn that cladding with copper is more cost-efficient than other materials. Copper Works Canada specializes in proper installation, building design and craftsmanship in order to ensure that your cladding lasts and is as effective as possible. Incorrect installation of cladding can lead to structural damage down the line. Therefore, professional cladding is an absolute necessity. By using copper, there will be a lack of maintenance and upkeep required and this saves money in repair and replacement costs. Copper Works Canada can help homeowners tie together the exterior look of their home with additional copper services such as gutters, finials and downspouts. Again, the benefits of using copper in structural elements such as these will increase the overall value of your home. Call the professionals at Copper Works Canada today to see how they can help you with your copper cladding needs. Call 905-831-6434.

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